Message from the Commander – January 2019

Well fellow Legionnaires , hopefully all made it through the holidays. Coming into the start of the New Year we hope to continue seeing your presence at the post. It has been nice either attending or just driving past the Post to see the number of people stopping in.

We will be having events coming up from time to time, so be sure  you check the calendar. To begin with is the venison feed in the middle of January, breakfast will be put on at 4 different dates beginning in February, and lunches will continue and perhaps have a crock of food, soup or stew, to offer when no lunches. Will be obtaining the new fryer soon and hope to be providing food while you’re at the bar. Any suggestions, please let us hear.

As we come into this New Year, let us all remember that if you have some time and want to help out at an event, we are at times in need of help or assistance at an event. Call the Post at 315-346-6414.

Let us all enjoy the upcoming months and stop in when you can. May all have a safe and blessed start of their year.

  Commander Pete