Message from the Commander – March 2019

Hello fellow members, I missed last month’s note so time to get caught back up. Much has been happening, the best part is when I do come to the Post it is very nice to see the people there that are also coming to enjoy some relaxing time and pleasant company.

We have been busy lately; Monday lunches are still going on and slowly but surely are getting better so for those who have not had the pleasure yet, stop in on Monday for relaxing company and good food. We have been doing some banquets, the kitchen crews are doing very well with providing great dinners and excellent service so hopefully the word spreads and we continue to use our dining room for public events and make money this way. We have also been providing a funeral dinner for those that do not have a place to go after their loved ones funeral to relax and chat with family and friends. As for the kitchen help, they’re doing a great job and we are always looking for additional people who are interested in volunteering to create additional teams as to not call on the same folks all the time. If interested, contact the Commander or tell the bartender please.

We are sending 20 individuals to the National Commander’s Visitation dinner on March 27th. This is quite an honor to have the National American Legion Commander come to our county to visit and thank you to the folks that have shown interest in wanting to attend. I’m sure it will be a worthwhile evening.

We have ordered our deep fryer that was requested by several and should be arriving the first part of April. Initially, we will be having specific nights to provide our patrons a variety of deep fried foods with teams of two to prepare and serve. If anyone is interested in being a team, please let the commander know or tell the bartender, all help will be appreciated. In the near future, the bartenders will be serving fried food during the busier days of the week for people that want to eat while enjoying a cold beverage.

In summary, it has been a pleasure for the past seven months serving as your Commander. I really enjoy coming to the Post and seeing a nice group of people enjoying themselves and getting into good conversation. Remember, this is our Post so enjoy it as much as you prefer and if something is out of line, or you have suggestions, please let us know. Again, thank you all for your patronage.

– Commander Pete

Message from the Commander – January 2019

Well fellow Legionnaires , hopefully all made it through the holidays. Coming into the start of the New Year we hope to continue seeing your presence at the post. It has been nice either attending or just driving past the Post to see the number of people stopping in.

We will be having events coming up from time to time, so be sure  you check the calendar. To begin with is the venison feed in the middle of January, breakfast will be put on at 4 different dates beginning in February, and lunches will continue and perhaps have a crock of food, soup or stew, to offer when no lunches. Will be obtaining the new fryer soon and hope to be providing food while you’re at the bar. Any suggestions, please let us hear.

As we come into this New Year, let us all remember that if you have some time and want to help out at an event, we are at times in need of help or assistance at an event. Call the Post at 315-346-6414.

Let us all enjoy the upcoming months and stop in when you can. May all have a safe and blessed start of their year.

  Commander Pete

Message from the Commander – November 2018

The past couple of meetings have gone well; we’re getting good input from the members. I am always open for suggestions to better our Post.

So far our lunches have been going okay, still looking to do every other Monday in December and then perhaps have soups available on the off Monday’s. We will be looking to purchase a deep fryer in the near future to provide munchies to customers.

At this time of year, remember that giving is a better reward than receiving, always looking for help.

May you all have a very pleasant and blessed Holiday.

Commander Pete

  • Key Bank representative present to explain using debit cards to pay if we decide.
  • Auxiliary dinners are cancelled.
  • Web site is up and running, would like member emails for contacts.
  • Euchre tournaments will be in Jan., Feb., and March of 2019. Day to be announced.
  • Volunteers are needed to help with Christmas cheer programs and other festivities, if interested call the Post.
  • New Year’s Eve party, similar to Fall Fling.

Post 1663 April Newsletter

Greetings everyone.

I would like to take this time to catch up on a few changes to Post 1663. We have a new slate of Officers as you probably noticed. I am looking forward to working with everyone and we will try to keep the post running as  smoothly as Rob has. Rob has done a great job as Commander and pulled off a feat that no one else has at Post 1663. Commander for 4 years in a row. Wow thanks Rob.

Tom Albertson has retired as Chief cook and bottle washer. Thank you Tom for doing such a fine job and your many dedicated years of service. Tom assisted Joe Steiner for many years before taking on the job himself, and a huge thank you to the KP crew that assisted him.

We would like to welcome our new Chef Brittany Duflo who has brought many new ideas and changes to the menu. We are very excited to have her on board and are looking forward to working with her.

The Sons Detachment of Post 1663 are doing an outstanding job. Pizza nights, Sunday Breakfast’s, Euchre tournaments and hundreds of other tasks around the Post. Thank you. Without your dedication I doubt we would we would be able to exist.

We had a community awareness outdoor party at the Legion with the Patty Sanford Band. Hamburg’s and Hot dogs, salads and of course refreshments of all kinds. Games for children and adults. We had a very good turnout and everyone had lots of fun. We have already set a date and booked a band for next year. I would like to thank Ron Wolfe, he was the mastermind behind this and through lots of hard work and determination it was a great success. Keep up the good work Ron.

The same goes for the Ladies Auxiliary, Thank you for your many services, especially the funeral dinners that mean so much to so many.

The Post also supported the Meyers N More relay for life Cancer Shoot who raised over $1900.00 for the fight against Cancer at the Beaver River Fish & Game Club.

Coming August 27th we are expecting approximately 300 motorcycles to stop at our Post around 12 o’clock. We could use some extra help to take care of this many people. It will be interesting for sure.

Just a reminder that this is YOUR POST, you make it what it is. Please stop in and take an interest, we need your support. Take advantage of the many ways you could use YOUR POST, from baby showers, to wedding receptions, banquets, family gatherings, birthdays or funeral dinners. It is YOUR POST use it.

Finally I would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped, we could not do all we do without you.

The next meetings are the second Wednesday in September 7:00 PM


Post 1663

Larry Bush

American Legion Auxiliary Unit #1663

The month of May has been very busy for our Ladies!

As Memorial Day is near please remember the history of the Poppy, here is a link to view:

Please support our Poppy fund this weekend! See an Auxiliary member to donate and make sure to wear your Poppy!!!!


Hello everyone and welcome to our first newsletter in a while. Hopefully, we will be able to update everyone on a more regular basis during 2016.

We sold pizza’s on Friday nights from Jan thru March and had our best year ever.

Breakfast’s were served on the 3rd Sunday’s thru the winter and that was a huge success.

The April BBQ was sold out by noon once again.

We had 4 Sunday Euchre tournaments and all were well attended.

The 1st block party was an excellent time and we had lots of good comments. We have another planned for the spring.

200 club tickets are now on sale and we will start drawing in the fall.

Co-ed Steak feed is Friday Sept 16 with free jukebox.

We had many, many SAL members help to make this all happen and a big thank you to all that helped. We have a great organization.

Thank You,
SAL Commander
Post 1663

Ron Wolff